Photography: Wonderful Confusion

“How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.”  – Niels Bohr

I love  learning new facts about Nature. Obviously it is far to complex to be fully known or understood. In spite of this, I tend to drift into an illusion that all the important scientific facts are already known. Then, something new is discovered.  Recently five  new animal species were  found in  the rainforest of New Guinea. What? All these years of scientists and explorers poking around and researching, and they have not yet found all of the animal species here on earth.? Wow! That’s cool!

Several years ago two new species of  microorganisms were found near the top of a volcano in South America. Their respiration utilizes sulfur. That is unique. The respiration of all other plants and animals involves oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. No one knew that sulfur could be a basic component of respiration. Men have walked on the moon. Lots of facts are known  about black holes and  quarks. Yet we had not known all the types of respiration of earth organisms.  That’s cool!.

My personal  “find” yesterday was something new to me (No, not a new species).  It was a beautiful flower of which  I had never heard (Celosia).  I looked at it admiringly. Is this whole thing a flower? Or is much of it tiny modified leaves? A bracken? Hairs? Modified spines?  Or is it some type of fern?  Oh, wait! Those are the flowers, tiny and few. I still don’t understand what these brilliant spires are. But at least I know where its flowers are. How cool!

Some may ask what this has to do with photography. For me, photography is about becoming more aware. It is a matter of developing an “in the moment” awareness of, not only the things that I know and expect; but, even more importantly, an openness to the unknown and unexpected. What is even better, I get to touch it with my hand or study it with my eyes and photograph it with my heart. This is great! What a wonderful confusion!

I used to believe that I should know all the answers. Now I am content just to be alert and aware; just to know some of the questions.

I welcome comments and suggestions.

I am available at assisting clients to transform their photos into works of art that they are either proud to give as gifts or to hang on their own wall for inspiration.


10 comments on “Photography: Wonderful Confusion

  1. What an amazing find. This flower definitely doesnt seem to fit with the leaves. I too am always struck when I see such an odd juxtaposition of two elements. It opens my eyes and wakes up my brain. Thanks for a gorgeous picture and thoughtful words.

  2. Unlike you, I have a pretty slapdash method of photography, but like you, what I enjoy is discovering amazing things everywhere I point the camera. Thanks for sharing your thought process and your tips!

    • You are welcome. Thank you for visiting. I love your moniker.
      I’m glad you are using your camera to notice and appreciate details of your surroundings.
      Every style has its own benefits. You will get many good photos that I would miss.

  3. nature789 says:

    It is astonishing that in this age of unfathomable technology will are still finding species and unanswered questions about nature. The Celosia flower is lovely and I have never heard of it either. Thanks for sharing…. 🙂

  4. TBM says:

    Every day, nature astonishes me and I love learn about these new discoveries. This planet is a wonderful place for studying, taking pictures, and for living. Thanks!

  5. Auntie Em says:

    Beautiful pic and I love the brain workings!

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